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We specialize in rare and uncommon tropical plants and seeds. Plants are certified for shipping to all states. Most of the plants that we grow can be grown indoors in cold climates.

Please browse the Catagories if you do not know the botanical name of the plant. We have the common name in the description and detailed description if we can find a common name. Many of our plants do not have a common name in English. I will try to find time to add a search of the description sometime in the future.

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Wholesale Pricing & Contract Growing 
For wholesale pricing or contract growing, please contact us by phone, email or FAX .Learn more information about log cabins online  @ www.ilikelogcabins.com



WATER HYACINTH: Globular leaves bob on the surface, and filimentous roots clean ponds efficiently. Purple flowers in summer.
WATER LETTUCE: Pretty sage-green rosettes 6" across float on the surface, while hairy roots a foot long filter nutrients and keep pondwater clean.
WATER POPPY: Scalloped, applegreen leaves with yellow buttercup flowers.
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